Perfect Play

Two children are playing. They are deeply immersed, focussed and . .excited. Glowing cheeks, quick and elegant moves,  sometimes struggling for balance , immediate corrections, non stop enthusiasm. A third child is coming, watching, waiting. Then, when another one joins her, the two initial players stop and immediately the newbies get integrated. Shared fun is more fun. Parties are emerging but change is possible. Energy is rising.

Then two adults are approaching, stop to watch the children, obviously commenting on what they perceive. 

And the children stop. With expressions of surpressed anger and annoyance they somehow wait until the two adults move on. The latter don’t seem to have anything better to do then to criticize on the childrens behaviour. Their sign language seems to indicate that the children might have broken some rule.

The children know better. They know that adults are just jealous. Somehow adults are selfimportant and can’t play. They must  have forgotten. Haven’t they been young themselves? Haven’t they also been playing?  What happened?

Before compassion creeps in too much the children decide to simply move away and move on. They can’t wait for those two adults become willing to unlearn their inhibitions. Who knows if it will ever happen?

Precious time cannot be waisted.

Around the corner another place is found and transformed into a stage.  Two more children join them into a wild orgy of quick imagination and improvisation.

A snapshot of the two adults would find them still arguing, pointing in the direction of the easy escape. Adults don’t like to not be in charge. They hate to lose control. Which is why adult play always has some kind of belligerent taste. It ranges between competition and outright war. That is when they finally lost it. That is when personal incompetence grows to collective disaster. Never mind the children who could teach them. Adults also have a bad learning curve.

Frustration bears revenge. Adults can think. They cannot play but they can think. So they think out systems, control systems. And then they become victims of their own systems. Never mind the children who are forced into the same trap.

Our children around the corner play their heart out. As if it would be the last time. Innocence or threatened fun? Is it just joy or the looming end that drives their passion? Perfect play instead of perfect plan. Moments that are not negotiable.

Perfect play creates a perfect day. Easy goes a long way.


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