Reality, the ONE and the Whole

Everybody talks about the ONE these days and that the Whole is more than the sum of its parts. These are interesting phenomena since both statements make only sense on the basis of . . personal experience. A purely intellectual left brain approach would not accept it. Since it is hard to measure, personal experience gets dumped and the world of theory based science is saved – at least for the moment.

Is talking about the ONE just speculation, an assumption that cannot be verified?

That is, of course, one of the critical questions: do we prefer the evaluation of something either by measurements (which some call objective) or by verified personal experience (which some call subjective)? In terms of the ONE only the latter alternative is viable. Can interconnectedness be calculated or can it be felt?

Obviously we have an inherent basic ‘wholeness’ model working whenever we perceive anything as separate, broken, incomplete. It seems we somehow know there is a whole version of the pieces.
It is remarkable that we have this feeling for unification when at the same time we seem to accept so much violation, broken relationships or existential dichotomies like rich vs poor. Or maybe that subconsciously constitutes our daily miserability and un-appreciation of life, especially in the West.

What if we could overcome our inertia and resistance and experience this fullness of being ONE so often that any neglect of it is too painful to endure? Could we let go of our defensive cynicism that wants to make us believe in a reality of broken love and peace? That convinces itself of the necessity of war on a daily basis?

Acceptance is one of the steps towards a reality that I will define in a minute. Accepting a different reality, that is: the whole is not a romantic ideal but a natural given which wants to fulfill itself. The world of opposites is a dynamic process of change from one state to another, not a war that can be won. Every war can only be lost and will be lost by many. Only propaganda wants to believe different. The sun on the other hand is not fighting the moon. Nor do animals fight humans. It is  us who contribute the hostility. Time to do our homework which is inside each of us.

Oneness is an experience and an exploration. It is the mystic experience which doesn’t last at first (after it has been experienced) but that becomes obvious and habitual when cultivation practice increases its appearance. It is an ongoing exploration of wonders that become reality which generates new questions, more wonders, a bigger reality etc.

So here is my definition of reality!

There are three elements to it:
1.    what we know,
2.    what we don’t know and
3.    an endless dynamic process

Reality is a paradox providing peace only to the ones who surrender to the dynamic changing flow of the Known and the Unknown. A paradox it is because how could we possibly consider something ‘Whole’ in which there is this mysterious element of the Unknown? Unknown means: we have no control whatsoever over what is not known and how it affects what we know (which is broken down to the ‘known’ realities or beliefs of currently over 6 billion individuals who all have their own version of it).

Yes, we are here to explore this infinity and its revealing immenseness, yet we are not here to try to control it. Megalomania is tacky.

Another paradox is that a fullfilled life is the surrender to the One while using all our curious creativity (meditation, arts, sciences etc) to be in touch with the Unimaginable. Because we cannot have images of the unknown. Nevertheless we can have deep insights in the nature of Unity. She who experienced it joyfully lets all arrogance slip away: the vastness of of all that is connected is humbling and consoling at the same time. Strange that is, and incredibly beautiful.

Reality is the One and the One is whole . . . it doesn’t need a Big Bang at all. 

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