Vision – Breakdown – Breakthrough

So you want to find some sense in your life? Here are some tools for you: a way to actualize your personal talents and deep resources.

First you need a vision to where you are headed. What do you feel is your purpose? How do you want the way ahead of you to look like? And is what you want to be/do/ have something you feel congruent with? If your vision doesn’t excite you, leave it alone.

Here are some clues to find out about yourself. One of the simplest steps you can take is to make focused lists, the first of them being a:
Write down everything that you personally connect to love, any talent you feel, any joyful activity. Include any love you feel for a person  or humanity as a whole, for animals, etc. Write down anything you love to be and also anything you love to do or to have, and especially anything you would love to give! The key is to feel that love. Love is not equal to ‘liking’. Love expresses an urgency, something you have to be in touch with. ‘Liking’ on the other hand means a ‘could’, a ‘maybe’. Eliminate all ‘likes’ from your list.

You may want to support your ideas with pictures that remind you each time you see or imagine them. Create your very personal vision board.

Now you read through your Love-list and let your personal ‘movie’ emerge from it. Do not restrict yourself. A vision has to be as big as you can see it. Because it is made from ‘love’ elements, it wouldn’t interfere with other peoples life. If it would, it wouldn’t be love.

Once your vision becomes clearer and  inspires you to let it manifest itself, the second step comes to life, a:
Since visions tend to be big, one might feel overwhelmed and actually start denying them. How could I possibly accomplish this? First, remember that your Love-list wasn’t a construct but an expression of your deepest feelings, connected to talents you discovered or felt you might want to develop. So denying your own vision is actually denying your own Self. Step over that trap and start to break down your ideas. Jot down all immediate steps that you can take in relation to your Love-list. If one of your goals is to find your dream partner, open up for the possibilities that he/she comes into your life. With whom would you feel so happy that you would like to develop an ongoing inspiring relationship with them?

Same is with your dream job: what is it you like to do most? How could you develop related talents and skills so that you feel confident about them? To whom could you connect to make yourself known? If you’d like to be self employed: what exactly would that involve?  

Same with finances, friendships, collaborations, locations, etc. Write down steps that you can take so your vision in the background is not a huge mountain but a fantastic curious adventure, that you feel eager and confident to delve into. Begin to see perseverance – at this stage the key element of your manifestation – not a drag but a stabilizing force, your main support system. You feel that every action you take, however unimportant it may seem, is connected to your vision and so fills you with an underlying joy to continue diligently and carefully to bring it to fruition.

At one point you may feel a surprise or a significant achievement: you experience a:

When this happens, find your personal way of celebrating! For some it’s a party, for some it means sharing your success in a more intimate way with your partner or with friends. But however your celebration looks like, one thing you might never want to forget. It‘s another list: your Gratitude-list! Who helped you on the way? How often did things turn out better than you had thought in the beginning? What happened when you lost trust for a moment? What surprising and wonderful turns did your story take?

Look at where you came from –  and then move on. Yes, part of your celebration may be to watch ahead and write down new ideas or ways of deepening your experiences. And then begin a new turn on the amazing upwards spiral that is your life. Good luck!

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