The Ecology of Success

What is success for you? Is it the senseless hunt for external approval leading to . .  the rigid defensiveness of social status with all its imprisoning conventions? Or is it the fulfillment of a life of developed talents, ongoing curiosity, joyful exploration, humble perseverance in finding things out and – above all –loving it all?
Is it the conviction that you gave your best in spite of pitfalls and conceptual traps?

Only your personal definition of success can be the benchmark – and even that is in constant change, Like it or not, the stable repetition that many people believe in as reality is not going to last: everything changes, subtly though. Yet in our days those changes become obvious to the many who dreamed of a secure life, meaning a ‘life protected from life’ life. Life is called “life” because it lives, breathes, moves, falls and rises. What is obvious today may be a senseless perception tomorrow – or the day after. Our lives move quickly nowadays.

Why is success ecological and not linear? You probably heard what I call headlines like “You can be anything you want” (no, you can not) or “Just imagine it and it will manifest” (maybe it will). Why headlines? Because those marketing efforts suggest an easy and predictable way of creating your dreamlife without taking your environment into account. Yes, one can and actually has to start inside, otherwise where does your new idea or enterprise originate? First it is your idea. This can grow into a plan or it can be an overall solution for your life. Whatever it is it begins with oneself.  Also oneself has to develop and nurture the ‘seed’ of an idea: no one else will and can do that for you. And yes, action has to be taken by oneself, too. But action is already interaction.

The communication with your environment begins actually much earlier. Maybe the people around you can not read your mind or just mind their own business and are busy with their own plans. But e.g. your enthusiasm coming with your new idea may be palpable to everybody around you who is not completely self-absorbed. Likewise your doubts and fears can be felt. Your vibes can be picked up in different ways. Yet it is also true that mostly after you got ‘out there’ and took action that you might be noticed with your intention.


The whole point is: while you are responsible for your intentions every step on the way you cannot determine precisely the outcome. It might happen that way or not. It might happen later than expected – in which case you need perseverance and discipline – or come into reality so fast that you might not even be prepared. But whichever events evolve from your initial idea, the process involves other people and the environment as a whole. People from western countries forget easily that some of our  fellow human beings in many areas of the world lack even the most basic necessities such as water and electricity. This doesn’t even include lack of education etc., whatever the western world deems necessary to succeed. “You can be anything you want”? Not really. In fact you can only be what you are. Which is immense! For the explorer (or the mystic who also is an explorer) this kind of being is a becoming.

Success originates inside oneself but is at any stage of its manifestation interacting with the environment. It would be a great achievment to embrace that.

Success finds the prepared mind? Maybe it does. Yet many successful people attribute their success not to their labor (which indeed is necessary if you are not the heir of some fortune) or to their education but to: luck! Who knows exactly what is the right place, the right time and the right support for the manifestation of an intention?

So let’s take an intentional direction, develop and nurture ourselves and our vision and trust the process of our manifestation unfolding. Good luck!



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