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Tue, Jul 30th 2002 - Always moving .. .

A lot of changes this time! The most substantial one, 'Mycle Heupel homepage' has moved to The reasons for this change are mainly technical (ftp and php support). Both are definitely good news!

Much work has been done moving the web site to php, which will hopefully make it easier to update and maintain. In addition, more powerful (and interesing) features can be implemented. The first one: the DDT is now operative! Every day you'll be able to read a brand new DDT, you'd better not miss one!

The navigation is more consistent, since the sections and subsections are now properly distinguished and interconnected.[p] What else? Most of the 'consciousness' texts are ready. The 'current projects' and 'creativity' secctions are temporarily closed, but should be ready in a few days. So expect many new exciting content in the near future...