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Wed, December 4th 2002 - Afterwards

What a hypothetical concept! After what? Afterwards is always late . .so let´s be a bit more conscious every day and actually enjoy it! If you want to have alternatives to the daily mainstream negativity and fucked up routine, read the positive news. There are inventions out there which could help to clean up the dirt on Galicia´s coast.

And here´s is the update of the ´Cultural Weekend´ we did here in Barcelona: it was great! New relations have been initiated, and we chose to have a more personal than ´businesslike´ appraoch. And obviously that was greatly appreciated.In the current projects page there will be some photos to look at soon, I promise.

If someone asks for the ´other´ Americans - not agreeing on ANY war, especially not the ´rich against poor´ war(in which anybody who doesn´t agree on the corporate identity of America is a potential terrorist and might betreated as such), check out

Have a nice week and enjoy the sun, the rain or snow or whatever you are offered to enjoy and I´ll see u back here next wednesday, won´t I?