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Sun, February 16th 2003 - Dissolving War!

Yesterday the PEOPLE all over the world spoke out clearly: NO to WAR!

To offer our Readers an additional opportunity to express feelings, thoughts and ideas against war and for an increasing global consciousness, we want to install a 'joy-of-life/war free zone' in the SPACE section (also accessible through the 'Peace' button above). Any spontaneous feelings against war and inspiring comments or ideas for a more conscious way of life are collected (except hate feelings which should be reviewed by the author him-/herself). Besides that everyone who wants to create a new 'anti-war' or 'joy-of-life' button (something like the peace button on this page) is very welcome to send it in. We'd like to create a field of highly varied 'seed' towards a life worth living. Please, don't be shy to send in your comments, ideas or buttons. Needless to say there is no commercial interest from our side.

Peace, joy and creativity to everybody