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Wed, March 5th 2003 - Does Peace Have A Chance?

While I feel surrounded by people who speak out against the planned war against Iraq I wonder: who votes for all those conservative politicians who are pushing an agenda which - at least in case of the Bush administration - was clearly drawn out from the beginning of a doubtful election (and before)? There must be many people that somehow see an advantage in going with the ´big boys´who appear so terribly small.

Why do people have so much fear inside that they fall time and again for one of those ´leaders´ shouting in a microphone something about ´good/evil´or ´national interest´? The German philosopher Schopenhauer didn´t have a very favorable idea about people attached to pride. While he is investigating the different forms of this attitude, he comes to the conclusion, that people with extrem low selfesteem at the end of all options desperately go with ´national pride´.

How can we avoid the daily propaganda? Recycle your TV into an art object, for example. Anyway, the only link I can offer today is to sign a petition and send it to the UN council members.