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Wed, March 12th 2003 - Crusaders

Just when you believe something like a crusade wouldn´t be possible anymore with people too smart to be seduced into a ´we-are-right-and-that´s-it´ mentality the whole drama is displayed in front of us. Like a nightmare unfolding itself slowly, people rub their eyes because they cannot believe what they are seeing. State fanatism is back.

Actually it makes perfect sense. Bush was never a great business person, but the role of a fanatic evangelist fits him perfectly. A dangerous perfection. Obviously he shares this grim focus - to impose the ´good´ - with partners and opponents: Aznar, Blair, Bin Laden . . you name them. The New World Order. What a horrific vision to imagine that Bush and his religious gang determine my ´values´, my life. Creativity is usually something those people really hate. Creativity is too fast, too impredictable, too ´chaotic´, etc. Still, in case somebody wants to ´watch´what is happening, here are some ´watch´sites:click on the ´news´ dropdown menu and you have a rich choice.

Enjoy a creative, energetic, playful and peaceful week!