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Wed, March 26th 2003 - From Inside

The whole week I was thinking if I could write about something else than this fucking war and the fucked up people who started it. What could change the martial direction of Bush and his gang? For all the people who ever experienced īrealī violence this is horror. Because this kind of violence - in this case paired with the stupidity of a simplistic missionary approach and very real business interests - doesnīt argue, neither does it listen to anybody nor it is willing accept any consideratin other than their own. You are not on their side? There is the fist in your face! Itīs like some political Hellīs Angels let loose.So what else could I write about?

Maybe more Americans speak out and see from where the real danger is coming: their own government. Someone courageous enough like Oscar winner Michael Moore might pave the way for the undecided and misinformed crowd.And hopefully itīs not just the war which is over soon. We definitely need the American population to turn against their īgovernmentī. Doesnīt this whole thing stink anyway? Although this is such a secretive government maybe they have some documents to hide? And maybe those documents show up like they did in the Watergate affair?

No more of that, still we have a life to live.

Please live your life in joy and peace.