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Wed, April 2nd 2003 - After the War

Now that we are presented again and again with the cruelties and stupidities of war, killing civilians, journalists, soldiers but not the ´engineers´ themselves, some considerations may be in place here. First, is it really possible to ´enforce´ human rights? Or are those cruelties rather creating a climate of distrust and suspicion?

While we can read - if we are not already sick of propaganda and (self-)censorship - in the mass media about the American plans to implement an obedient government, we,too, might want to ask ourselves what we want to have changed through this war. Some people believe this will be a major breakthrough in human consciousness and therefore lead to a more peaceful world. To change something one has to come in contact with it and lead it without violence into a new direction. The war is from that perspective a big chance. Some - like the Club of Budapest - are already doing this. (By the way, if anybody is interested in getting the CoB Spain off the ground, please contact me). The Terra Network ( right now in a testphase and only in German available) is such a project.

In which world do want to live? What are your ideas?

Enjoy a imaginative week.