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Wed, April 9th 2003 - Repair

There are some who - in order to compensate their fear of being weak - give orders to destroy, violate, humiliate and kill. And there are others who do the immense work of helping people who were traumatized by those violent events. One of them is Dr. Clarissa Pincola Estés (exactly, the one´running with the wolves'). You surely heard about the Michael Moore movie ´Bowling for Columbine´. Dr. Estés takes care of those people who got traumatized in the mass-shooting in Columbine.Please read her beautiful ´postscript´!

Talking about Michael Moore again: I really don´t get paid for promoting him! But he is simply one of the few poeple in the States to speak out loud and proud. And he has something to say,too.For example about the Oscar presentation. And the strangely un-democratic mediacoverage in the States. The words ´terrorism´and ´patriotism´are obviously enough to deceive lots of people.

Besides that he is planning a new documentary about Mr. Bush.

Good luck!To Michael Moore and everyone else.