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Wed, April 30th 2003 - USA liberated!

Actually, this is fake news. I'd love that to be the headline soon. But with all that anger and aggression in the Bush administaration we probably have to wait for an implosion. Just to see those infantile revenge feelings against France (and Germany) makes you wonder up to which stage they might have advanced in their personal life. Should we send them an army of therapists? Or better: clowns? Or maybe therapeutic clowns?

Again one of the few credible sources on what is happening (and maybe going to happen in the near future)in Iraq is the journalist Robert Fisk, just read the interview with him.

So what can we - the community of free individuals - do to get government servants who understand something about letting go of their stored emotional memories, not serving them anymore? Maye there is something to 'unlearn'for us,too? How about checking intuitively the Cellular Healing page?

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