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Wed, May 14th 2003 - Positive News

First dies communism, then capitalism. And like a supertanker which needs a long way to stop just because of his own weight, capitalism is driven by its own 'weight'. For weight you might insert Ego = accumulation of outdated concepts transformed into habitual action. The tragic soap opera of American politics - or should I say 'fascism light' quoting Susan Sontag (I think) - continues.

But there is hope. Besides Susan Sontag Norman Mailer (who asks 'Why did we go to war', shows affinity to Michael Moore), Giovanni Sartori (who reminds everybody of the real problems - which is not terrorrism but overpopulation , abuse of resources etc ) and Peter Sloterdijk (a German philosopher who elaborates in ¨Spheres" his new ontological vision of life)speak out.

Mailer calls the current administration´s politic plainly´'fascism'.I guess there is no other word for it. Let´s watch them!

And don´t forget: Life is beautiful, indeed!