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Wed, May 28th 2003 - Lerner and Berio

Since this page is dedicated to creativity/consciousness as an entity, here is something about two people who moved a lot in that direction.

The first one is the composer Luciano Berio, who has just died. Being one of the big influences in the 20ieth century, he created new tendencies without thinking that he had to deny his creative ancestors. He was particularly interested in the voice/the word, ethnomusicology (when nobody talked about 'worldmusic') and any source material (literature!) he could use for his creative transformations. He will stay around as a non-visible inspirer.

The other one is Jaime Lerner, the former Mayor of Curitiba(Brazil) and now Governor of the state Parana. His social and ecological innovations are already legend. Some notes about his revolutionary work - with creativity and courage leading the way - can be found here.Additionally his speach at the UN from the year 2000 is worth reading.

Creativity cannot believe that it has to be done the way it was, thus repeating the same destructive and ridiculous addiction over and over.In that sense

have a creative week!