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Wed, June 4th 2003 - 2 More

Last time it was Berio and Lerner, this time it is Byrd and Smullyan. People I find remarkable that is.

Robert Byrd is a US Senator (D) who speaks out clearly many of the concerns people have about the Iraq occupation by the US. Itīs a funny twist in Byrds career that now being a pacifist he was in the Ku Klux Klan in his youth (which he now calls the biggest mistake of his life). Check out one of his speeches in Congress here.

The other īstrange birdīis Raymond M. Smullyan, whose book īThe Tao Is SilentīI just read. This is enjoyable and inspiring reading. His amazing career (professional magician, musician, renowned mathematician, author of 20 or so books) looks like the mirror of somebody who could connect so different issues as the chess problems of Sherlock Holmes, mathematical problems like Goedels theorem and the Tao in his wide mind and soul. Among the many chapters of the beforementioned book I especially enjoyed the one called 'Is God a Taoist?' in which God has a dispute with a moralist. Of course the moralist is 'loosing' here.

Would Quantum physics exist without Max Planck? He also wanted to be a musician before becoming a famous scientist.

Enjoy your week