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Wed, June 11th 2003 - Funky Business

Creative people often have their doubts about business - making business, collaborating with business,etc. This maybe comes from the notion that they have to submit to what business - and what a generalization that is! - wants from them. In other words they believe that the creative process is somehow diluted for the goal of pleasing somebody in order to make some - or a lot of - bucks.

Artists, who are still the protagonists of creativity (although books about creativity are ususally written by psychologists), therefore accept the antiquated and a bit schizophrenic model of īdividingītheir time between a job (survive) and their īrealī work (create). Funny enough, many artists are not open to even consider alternatives.

Maybe they would become inspired by īFunky Businessī, a book by two Swedish Economists (Stockholm School of Economics). It is what the authors suggest in the title: funky! Since I personally attended a presentation by Kjell Nordstroem I can attest: itīs great fun , besides being entertaining and inspiring. The author of these lines would greatly enjoy cooperations in this direction!

Enjoy a funky week!