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Wed, June 18th 2003 - Buddha´s Business

What has Buddha got to do with business? Recently a friend sent me an email mentioning a lecture announced as something like 'Is Buddah in your business?'.

It´s funny how people 'link' Buddhism to people or things. A Buddha which could be linked as an object to another object somehow clouds my enlightenment.Is there any possibility that Buddha is not in your business? Isn't Buddha also in your ideas, feelings and actions? Maybe also in your cat and in the TV and in anger? Find some inspiration here.

And maybe Buddha is also in your resistance? Anyway, life is really more enjoyable without all those emotional, physical, mental - and whatever else you can imagine - blocking the free flow of life´s energy inside. Some ways of practicing letting go and more are shown in the webpages of Bruce Kumar Francis and Michael Murphy/George Leonard.

Be well everybody and let the Buddha speak to you this week.