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Wed, June 25th 2003 - Biophotons and Art!

If you were ever imagining a landscape with a small river, wildflowers, art(ists) and science, then you may want to visit the 'Insel Hombroich' and the 'Raketenstation' (rocket station). This work of love created by Karl-Heinrich Mueller and his friends (painter Graubner, sculptor Heerich, landscape architect Korte etc)was supposed to host the very personal art collection of Mr. Mueller, and it does so in the many pavillons spread out through the landscape.In his introductory words, Mueller´s text writes about the 'female' power of the project suggesting an affinity towards Taoism. Today, artists, musicians,philosophers and scientists are inhabiting Insel Hombroich.(Click the link and go to 'Rundgang' to get an impression since the page is in German).

Speaking about science we love to mention the International Institute of Biophysics, a place of real revolutionary research! Integrated in the former military station transformed art/science field,weak light emissions in living organisms are investigated by Prof. F.A. Popp and his colleagues. Amazing breakthroughs were made, for example in the respect to food or/and human consciousness(Click on publications).Enlightenment maybe happening in real time!

Let the Biophotons wash right through you this week!