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Wed, July 2nd 2003 - Via Verdes & Busy times

This is supposed to be short since Iīm quite busy learning a new program to create music on the computer. Si now Iīm putting in a string quartet (an somewhat antiquated composition of mine) to learn the trix. I spent hours today for typing in notes (or symbols) and I didnīt get further than the first half of the first movement (the shortest!). Probably playing life is still the more immediate solution . . .

If you like to bike and you never heard of or experienced the 'Via Verdes'(former railways transformed into bike ways) you might want to check if you find something around your town. Here in Spain you can checkI think this is an international effort, so find out in for your area.

If you are interested in new ways of exploring consciousness you might want to join Michael Mannionīs and Patricia Corbettīs (The Mindshift Institute) in September. Itīs worth it, I am sure!!

Be well and happy!