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Wed, July 9th 2003 - Creativity versus Consciousness?

Some artists believe that creativity and consciousness donīt have anything to do with each other. This belief is, of course, based in concepts likening consciousness automatically to religion etc. So here is another idea.

Consciousness and creativity are the two powerful sides of what constitutes a human being. One doesnīt go without the other in a healthy way. Both have to be developed although they are 'un-conditional' talents. Even an improvisor has to practice improvising to face the many challenges of unpredictability. Creativity without consciousness turns the creative person into a superficial -although possibly sophisticated - clown or a commentator on events and technology. Consciousness without creativity is like a question without response. Responsibility is the effortless action stemming from a deep question someone asked oneself before.

A good read to bridge those elements or better, to show its many connections is the artist Julia Cameronīs book 'The Artistīs Way - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity '. And itīs enjoyable to read, too!

And now go playing!