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Thu, July 31st 2003 - Life Management?

Today we are bombarded with methods and systems to manage anything you face. From 'time' management - although we donīt exactly know what time really is - there was only a small step to differentiate 'quality' time from probably less valuable time. How about 'anger' management? Instead of facing the real issues and dissolve them -which is a probably unfitting way in terms of 'time' management - we 'manage' them.

It seems that there is a terrible fear behind all the managing: the fear of letting go , or giving up control. Control about something that is surely bigger then any individual effort, including controlling. Can life be 'managed'? Could the addict hope to free himself through 'managing' his addiction? No way that he could.

Maybe thatīs what all this is about: for the fearful, control is king (and that means their own Ego), for the few who want to be free it's all about letting go. Is anybody out there who passionately wants to be free (of his accumulated Ego addictions)? Where? Who?

A different and recurring issue is that one of abundance and money or the issue of manifesting everything you want in your life. What are the obstacles? How can they be transformed so that blocked energy starts flowing and works FOR you ? Here are two people who investigate this way: one is Stuart Lichtman, the other one is Rebecca Fine. Worth reading for the interested! (Donīt get repelled by the website title,though).

A last word to the punctuality of me writing these weekly news: the last two weeks were quite a mess in that respect and I promise to better myself!

Enjoy the summer and your life!