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Wed, August 6th 2003 - Silence

Even amidst those hot summer days you might feel inclined more to silence than to the distractive consumerism - the contemporary version of slavery - that surrounds you. Maybe youŽd like to dig into it and practice some meditation. Or find out what it is.Or search 'randomly' for an appropriate technique. Just put a good ventilator into the room and do it. An maybe you want to envite a friend to share an immense nothing!

In case you are more the study and reading type, hereŽs a site with lots of info and interviews about loosing your mind and winning it all.

Maybe all this is not for you. How about immersing yourself into the action of sitting and reading(which is what you are doing right now,right?)? And feel any pressure in your buttocks and spine and anywhere else and gently but determinedly let go of that pressure? And just continue doing so for the rest of the day?

Enjoy a silent week,