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Wed, August 13th 2003 - Relaxing In The Heat

For some people, cool drinks and fresh breezes are not enough to get through the heat. They still want activity! Here are two things to do, one needs you to be more active than the other.

Anybody who wanted to be an artist and never dared to get involved? Here is your mini-course called "What, me an artist?"Actually, itīs not so superficial as it may sound. So get your cool drink and start to read . . . and do!

The second idea leads you more to something like a 'altered' state if you let it happen: itīs just reading, but itīs the writing of Chuang Tse, usually called the most important Taoist after Lao Tse (remember the butterfly dream? thatīs him!) Heīll give you a good time with his sometimes sharp philosophical, sometimes anarchic stories. More reading is here.So here you are, thatīs enough for this week!

Happy sweating!