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Wed, September 3rd 2003 - Questions

So what were human beings designed to be? Maybe we are just perfect learning systems? Maybe we are beings full of joy, enthusiasm and playful creativity whose depth is founded in the infinite substance of where we come from? How would we find out? How did we ever find out anything? It looks that asking questions wouldn´t be a bad way.

What keeps us from asking the right questions? What are those 'right' questions anyway? Depends on what you are looking for. Depends on the passion you are searching with. Depends on the perseverance to not accept unsatisfying answers or worn out habits and liveless traditions.My idea for the first question would be: What is the right question (right now for me)?

Here are some questions to start with. Would there ever have been any progress without someone having asked questions? And what are 'good' questions?

What is YOUR question? Write it down, relax while keeping it in mind and let the answer surprise you! Questions are very powerful.

Last week the writer of these lines was on holiday. They are over, I am back.Cheers