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Fri, September 12th 2003 - Are Your Talented?

After posing so many questions in the last news I thought this would be easy: writing about 'talent' and giving some links to complement the words. Alas, what I find on the web is something like 'The war on talent', 'Talent research for business', modelling agencies etc. Nobody even tries to describe what 'talent' really is, everybody seems to know.

The problem I have with this is that I believe that everybody has not only one but multiple talents. Obviously the detection and development of such is not very interesting for today´s political and economical systems.Control and the immediate exploitation, mostly for business reasons, lead the way. What´s wrong about it is that this is not a very human approach: talent which has to follow the current 'zeitgeist', economical streams or scientific and artistic dogma is by nature limited. Which is why many talents go completely undetected and un- or underdeveloped. Given that this has something crucial to do with the fulfillment of individuals who contribute love to the whole if they love what they do, the world's current confusion doesn´t come as a surprise. If creativity -in whatever talented form it might surface - is at least misguided and at worst completely surpressed, if people function instead of developing their full value, aggressivity and violence must follow.

On the other hand, creativity is - together with consciousness - one of the two basic elements of being a human being and being human. Since collective suicide is not really an option, I guess creativity will soon explode, and with it all the talents will find their way in a constructive way. No links today. You got any?