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Posted by Gonzalo - Thu, December 26th 2002

And the prize goes to Teresa for being the first one to use the nice text decoration buttons in the add comment page!

And to the rest of you: you have five more days to do the same before next year... ;)

Merry Christmas!

Posted by mycle - Thu, December 26th 2002

si ,teresa, it's the 'text' field . .

Posted by teresa - Thu, December 26th 2002

no encuentro the field coment, es simplemente text?
el abogado zurdo (y quizá algo tonto) del diablo

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Thu, December 26th 2002 - Oh X-mas . . .

So here is the intimate question for today: whose heart was filled with universal (or at least some extra) love because of X-mas? And do we really want that? Just one or two days of love? In other words,is there anybody out there who escaped, or better, who didn't care at all about business, consuming and family duties? Not that I am against being with family, as long as it is inspiring and - when you leave - you still have a smile on your face. (If you don't have anything else to smile about, try this)

Anyway, this is a quite time, they say, a time for revision, introspection and meditation. Alright then, let's get the spark back, be it through meditation or dancing or both! If X-mas can serve as a reminder of feeling this flame which is quiet inside and exiting in its lively manifestation: let's be guided by that and rock'n roll into the New Year with fullblown energy!

Happy X-mas and an exciting and wonderful New Year 2003 to everybody!

CU next year.