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Posted by adrian - Wed, March 26th 2003

Religious fanaticism is one disturbing side to the Bush administration. Another is the Project for the New American Century Check out the Statement of Principles and it's all you need to know about what's really going on. This is perhaps all the more pernicious as it's written so clearly and unashamedly that one could imagine the spreading of American values and principles throughout the world to be entirely natural. Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Dan Quayle (!), Steve Forbes and Francis Fukuyama are some of the figures signed up. Another key figure here is Robert Kagan, a Washington Post journalist, and frankly a damn good writer, singing the praises of Blair, Aznar et al. Check out his Power and Weakness and his Politicians with Guts article
Depressing reading but it's important to know what we're up against !

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Wed, March 12th 2003 - Crusaders

Just when you believe something like a crusade wouldn´t be possible anymore with people too smart to be seduced into a ´we-are-right-and-that´s-it´ mentality the whole drama is displayed in front of us. Like a nightmare unfolding itself slowly, people rub their eyes because they cannot believe what they are seeing. State fanatism is back.

Actually it makes perfect sense. Bush was never a great business person, but the role of a fanatic evangelist fits him perfectly. A dangerous perfection. Obviously he shares this grim focus - to impose the ´good´ - with partners and opponents: Aznar, Blair, Bin Laden . . you name them. The New World Order. What a horrific vision to imagine that Bush and his religious gang determine my ´values´, my life. Creativity is usually something those people really hate. Creativity is too fast, too impredictable, too ´chaotic´, etc. Still, in case somebody wants to ´watch´what is happening, here are some ´watch´sites:click on the ´news´ dropdown menu and you have a rich choice.

Enjoy a creative, energetic, playful and peaceful week!