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Posted by Sad user - Fri, March 21st 2003

Yes, we knew it. I try to understand my feelings and I can't really describe them. I think I'm mostly sad, very sad. Millions of people ignored by our own leaders, who supposedly represent us. Sadness and impotence.

I just hope we all remember our protest, and not just in the next weeks.

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Wed, March 19th 2003 - Not In Our Name!

We all knew it, didn´t we? Bush wanted to go to war in any case. What should we wish for? That he falls suddenly ill? With the decisions he is taking,it looks like he is already not completely well. What should we wish for in relation to the Iraqui people? Because Saddam still remains a terrible and self serving man. Maybe we - the people of the world - have just to continue our protest.

What are the good news in war times? I guess all those untold daily stories of love, happiness, personal growth, evolution and creativity around the world. Today - actually now -is probably a really good time to ask yourself your most urgent question and reflect on the I Chings´s answer.

I wish you good questions.