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Posted by Gonzalo - Wed, April 16th 2003

Great music! Don't miss the new Instant composition section!

If you already know Mycle's music, you know you'll find great stuff there. And if you've never heard him playing before... well, this is the perfect occasion, use it!

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Wed, April 16th 2003 - Messianic Imperialism-and Other News

Our consciusness might not want to allow anymore something happening in front of our eyes and still negating it, like it is happening with the occupation of Iraq. Killings, violations, humiliations, propaganda and other lies, etc.(Check out Robert Fisk/The Independent)

Today everybody asks why the Germans didn┤t stop Hitler. He operated with the same mechanisms!He had a messianic approach and an extraordinary propaganda machine and military force. And at the end he killed himself, after 55 million people died of his regime and as consequence of World War II.

Why does the simple word ┤patriotism' erase any understanding and rational observation in people? Is it the indentification with something ┤big┤ which makes people blind? And what does it say about their self-esteem?

Some announcements for this website: Finally we started a page with Instant Compositions! Every other week we will add another piece of immediacte music, and its free to downoad. You can also access the page via the newly added button(the note symbol).And if you are already checking out buttons: why don┤t you vote in the new poll(the check mark button)?

Last but not least an update to the ┤Space┤section in which various people contribute texts of different kinds. Newly added were a poem and 2 affirmations from writer Susana Gross. Read them and send her comments. Thanx Susana!

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