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Posted by Jane Urbanik - Wed, May 28th 2003

Yes, I agree

Posted by mycle - Tue, May 27th 2003

ultimately you are right: creativity cannot be taught.neither can meditation teach you who you are, still you probably practice. it´s the ways to open up -in this case to creativity- that can be taught. you can be given an opportunity to be creative. you also can feel a very important support of your creative side if taught in school. there are also many ways how to be creative or even how to manifest your creativity. all this and much more can be taught and touched in school. and the world we are living in is a world where kids grow up without any support and development of one of their most important inherent talents. which leaves them often enough believing more in technology as ´problem solver´than in their own creativity.

Posted by Jane Urbanik - Mon, May 26th 2003

Hmm, very interesting poll. However it raises the question for me; can creativity be taught? If so then great I think it should of course be taught in schools. If however it can not be taught but just needs to 'be allowed', maybe the result of 'teaching' creativity could be just as dangerous or blocking as the educative system already is. Maybe schools could 'uneducate' students so that creativity can flow uninhibited???

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Wed, May 21st 2003 - Creative Class?

While many are still talking about the future of the service industry or that all which counts today is knowledge based, Richard Florida takes us already a step further.In his award winning book 'The Rise of the Creative Class' he writes about the leading role of creativity for future developments in society - and that includes individuals and companies alike.

This is,of course, nothing new for artists whose life and work is organizinging itself around creativity. Sadly, their talent is often abused because they are forced finding creative solutions just for survival.Some thoughts on that you can read in an article called 'Creativity-the scandal of not getting paid!' More on this issue, including some ideas how to change it, you find in the consciousness section of this page (scroll down to ´creativity' and ´patrons net'). Still, artists are the protagonists of creativity!

Enjoy a creative week!