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Thu, November 14th 2002 - Regular update

The news about the news section: there will be a regular update every week on wednesday. Whatever seems to be interesting enough to mention it in that particular moment might find it outlet here. Sometimes Gonzalo, the webmaster, will add some commentary on a more irregular basis.

There will also be a Web-Alert flyer in the Current Projects page for special annoncements. The first of those will be issued on Friday, 11/15.

Whoever is wondering about if there are still individuals or groups in the US to speak out about the ´war on terrorism´ or the attempt of the government to convert ´the land of the free´ into a company with its citizens having to adopt a ´corporate identity´(will say: consumer ´philosophy´), assuming that the world in general is a big supermarket, might want to check out: and

So we have the DDT changing DAILY, the NEWS changing weekly and special annoncement with the Web-Flyer!

See you next week