DDT - Daily De-Tox

Friends tell you the truth. Sometimes this truth is a bit bitter but that's why they are friends. The texts themselves are meant to make the ego lose some ground: let it go! Do it... NOW!
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Day 067

H. honey

"Reader! Did you ever tell your lover: 'Oh, Honey, you are so nutritional today! Not like all the others who taste like refined sugar which is so unhealthy! You are really sweet, so sweet, . . .', and so on. Now, that may be a new approach to sweet-talk but I dare promise you a 100% failure. Somehow the poetic touch got lost in this healthy information. So let's find something else to tell your beauty . . . of course you could talk about the immense effort the bees are making to recover the pollen which let's you come dangerously close to the old and odd story of the birds and the bees . . . No, that's also nothing to charm your sweetheart. How about looking at the golden light inside your love, something so wonderful that only a loving heart is able to perceive it. If you feel connected that way, if you see this inner shining light, something so beautiful that you don't need any clumsy verbal awkwardness .. . maybe old metaphors like the golden heart say more about love than anything else . . of which you gently might let go now . . . let it go . ."

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