DDT - Daily De-Tox

Friends tell you the truth. Sometimes this truth is a bit bitter but that's why they are friends. The texts themselves are meant to make the ego lose some ground: let it go! Do it... NOW!
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Day 020

I. intuition

Reader! Suddenly you have this notion of calling a specific friend you hadn't heard about since years. Or you have this idea dropping out of nowhere into your mind. Or you have sudden insights about where to go and what to do. Not premeditated and reflected , seemingly from nowhere these things just look at you and say: follow me! But do you follow them, Reader? Or do you have something else much more important to do at this moment? Well, it seems that intuition has a liaison with the moment. You have to accept this notion NOW! Because the friend who is supposed to be called needs probably your help now. The idea coming to your mind wants to be honored with a little remark on a piece of paper now before it develops into a million seller. And personal insights about your life have to be integrated immediately if you don't want to damage your health. What could prevent you from following such benevolent and humble guides to freedom? The daily routine? The un-questioned concepts of your mind which hold you in prison? Break out, Reader! Just let go of these habits . . . .just value your life and let go . . ."

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