DDT - Daily De-Tox

Friends tell you the truth. Sometimes this truth is a bit bitter but that's why they are friends. The texts themselves are meant to make the ego lose some ground: let it go! Do it... NOW!
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Day 263

W. wilderness

"Reader!Once you and I, Reader, were not domesticated! Once you woke up in the morning , full of energy and confidence about your sheer existence. You started to sing without holding back and all work was like play for you! When you would meet some other being like ,for example, me, you and I would be really happy to see each other and have a great time together. Your creative energy provided you with a deeply felt connection to the Creator. Never would you have dreamed about wasting your time with any pretending or fake activity. Why should you if you could have the original? And this original was WILD! This was YOU before you became domesticated ! The limiting claws of an ordered behavior (so easily controlled by the ones who suggested it) and habitual reactions were unknown to you. Freedom felt natural to you, and you would never have agreed to a constrained education filling you with a constant fear of failure. Could you ever again get rid of this bad dream and wake up? Would you want to? Then imagine that nightmare and let it go . . . . NOW . .just let it go. . ."

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