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Friends tell you the truth. Sometimes this truth is a bit bitter but that's why they are friends. The texts themselves are meant to make the ego lose some ground: let it go! Do it... NOW!
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Day 077

C. communication

"Reader! No connection. The line is interrupted, finally dead. Too much resistance. Resistance? Well, who said we are talking about telephones here? Or anything related to telephone lines for that matter? Reader, do you know immediate communication? It's a way of communicating without any telephone lines, without stressed operators, without cables, without sucking telephone companies, without the humiliating thing they call: service. And without bills. No deadline, nobody being able to cut you off. Except yourself. There you have it! You knew it wouldn't be THAT easy, right? Well, let's look at that a bit more careful. Real communication is what we are talking about. And real communication just happens. It happens all the time in our lives. Through vibration in our cells- or their constituents. Why can't we benefit from them? Who said we can't? It is just that we have to learn to listen. You think that's crazy? I am not talking about listening like you are used to listen, like for example to a heavy metal group -or like in those movie theaters with a sound system which is so loud that you hardly can't see the movie. Obviously we have to learn to listen in a much finer way, with much more care and depth. AND: with lesser and lesser resistance. At one point we might arrive in this wonderful land of immediate communication. The message to someone on the other side of the globe is already THERE. Just let go of any inner resistance . . . . let it go NOW . ."

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