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Posted by A Good Templater - Wed, January 1st 2003

S, of course! Instead of waiting for a wonderful year, let's start enjoying it NOW!

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Wed, January 1st 2003 - A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

Instead of wishing a happy 2003 I thought it might be more appropriate to push one of the really amazing aspects of life. I am speaking about the wonders, the unexpected and surprising which seem to come from nowhere, most enjoyable to the people who are prepared for them, sometimes a bit more harsh to the habit-driven rest.

What does it mean to be prepared? I would suggest an open mind, heart and body or better: an energetic and fluent wholebody.Prepared by good questions, guided by the insight that love is to be loving and not to be loved, and an integration through meditation in stillness and movement.

Equipped with increased curiosity through continual practice: look out for the wonders, the joy of surprise.

Cheers,Prost,Skol,A Votre Sante . . .