Perception of recognition vs perception of surprise

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Mainstream & mass-culture create mediocrity . The need to belong somewhere and thus feel protected by 'the crowd' lets people give up on creativity, exploring, playing . One has 'second hand' opinions about everything instead of first hand experience. People usually want to re-cognize , label 'things' (and even worse: people) they meet during the day: that includes artwork or any other creative outflow. The 'we have seen it all'-people try to hide their boredom and lack of courage behind 'common sense', something that naturally cannot exist. The physical equipment of a similar biological organ like an eye does not guarantee an equal perception of 'things' around or inside us.

INTEGRAL ARTs can't help but to play for the sake of surprise and for the soul of the curious . Sometimes it takes familiar elements just to subversively break the rules and transform these elements into new energetic fields and environments. By all means: it's an adventurous journey once you enter the creative 'flight'.

For example , a listener of Momentum Arts Music may provide himself with profound and unexpected revelations by putting a question into herself before the music begins and then let herself be carried away with it. This might result in a cathartic effect. In pretty much the same way one might connect to the inherent (momentum) energy of a painting or any other creative outflow.

Even a projected happening happens NOW! So let's experience the joy of THIS!

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