The One on One of ART
Uniqueness vs Massmarket

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How can any approach which targets the 'masses' talk about a consumer as a 'valuable' customer? For the company or individual businessperson the 'value' of this customer is that he pays for goods which hopefully were delivered. There is no personal contact involved, at best the 'valuable' customer can talk to the ordering service (after waiting online in line for quite a bit) or the so called customer service. It is clear what kind of value this customer provides for the company: 'give me your money - do it fast!' The company-customer ratio is completely impersonal, generalized and never meant to be another way.

In order to connect to a mass-product one has to cut off oneself from one's original inner source & truth. You have to be average to like mass-products. You have to accommodate to a life defined by mass media and advertising. Mass-products are without life and never meant to be another way.

INTEGRAL ARTS creates an ongoing flow of unique work, ideas, products rather than one idea/product which then is cloned over and over again. We enjoy creativity more than mechanics, instant composing rather than constant re-arranging.

INTEGRAL ARTS aims for individuals who want to be treated like individuals: in a unique way without hype, pressure & seduction. The customer wants exactly this piece (which very often -i.e. in case of an artwork - is available just in this moment), she connects to the inherent creative energy and by that to the artist, musician, inventor, originator. For the latter, real interest and exchange of energy (including the energy of money) is a feast. Relationships, built on mutual respect and even friendships might come into being (not necessarily) and in some cases even joint projects might arise. A thoroughly personal and lively cellwork comes to life.

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