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These links are , of course, personal and subjective. They are interesting for me, are they for you? Find out.
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Rich resource of creativity issues.

Enchanted Mind

Enjoyable compilation of creativity resources.



The creative space of the German composer/musician Ferdinand Foersch who builds all his instruments himself.

Glenn Gould

Canada's musical treasure indeed. About Glenn Gould, the unusual artist with the different touch to life.


The wonderful project of Maria Joao Pires, the Portuguese concert pianist.

What, me an artitst?

This page is for everybody who wants to overcome the 'I have no talent' concept in their head. And it's fun!

Other music/art links - (experimental instruments)


Leading Edge International Research Group

An interesting site about today's new paradigms and developments.

Biophotons - The Light in Our Cells

Marco Bischof, a Swiss science writer, explains in his book the fascinating world of biophotons. See also next link.


The web page of biophotonic research. Unfortunately this is only available in German right now.

Chaos Theory

Judy Petree's page about Chaos without the math.

Quantum Mechanics

Two introductions to quantum mechanics, more especifically quantum mechanics applets by Marc.

Melvin Saunders

In his Creative Alternatives you find everything from developing your brain to biological agriculture.

Nicola Tesla

How could this great Croatian born American inventor be 'forgotten'? And why?

Other science links - (quantum mysteries) - (the human experiment,rational space)


Energy Arts

Bruce Kumar Francis is a master of the Martial Arts, who for a long time is focussing on Qi Gong and the Internal Martial Arts.

Dao House

This is a real labor of love: everything you ever wanted to know about the Dao (as far as you can describe it) you may find here.

Integral Transformation Practice

The Integral Transformation Practice was initiated by Michael Murphy, co-founder of Esalen Institute and George Leonhard, one of Esalen's directors.

Two sites about the Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Tao/ Internal Martial Arts resources

This complements the above three links.


The site to look up Zen Buddhism resources.

Other tao links

Other zen links - (links to buddhist resources)


64 hexagrams and the I Ching

An interesting investigation about the relation between the ancient Chinese book of Change and the brain (of today?).

Other I Ching links (I Ching links)

PHILOSOPHY - (chinese philosophy)

MAYA / AZTECS / INCA - (aztec horoscope)



The unusual ideas, teaching and practice of George Ivanovitch Gurdieff.

Douglas Harding

The Headless Way: That's how odd a view of oneself can be.

Carlos Castaneda

What are the Follow Sorcerers doing?

Positive News

There are news besides the mainstream mutilation.

Club of Budapest

Founded by the systems philosopher Prof. Ervin Laszlo, dealing with consciousness issues.

ION - Instuitute of Noetic Sciences

Originally founded by the Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the noetic sciences investigate our world in fascinating ways.

Project Mindshift

Michael Mannion and Trish show with their projects new ways in thinking and healing, beside being experts on Wilhelm Reich and Ufo´s.

Peter Russell

Inspiring and rich site about new consciousness. provides one of the most complete collections of Free Newsletters for Self Improvement and Personal Growth on the internet

Other consciousness links



American Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinic´s site: there is hope even with politicians.


MONEY alternatives

Gary Scott

Gary Scott's page: Economics and Holistic Thinking


Lots of interesting alternative projects.


Ideas for ethical business.

Foundation for economics of sustainability , FEASTA

The title says it all.

New Economics Foundation

A neighbourhood thinktank which doesn´t want to leave thinking and acting in the hands of ´experts´.

Press Alternative Co. Ltd.

Citizens bank in japan founded by an ex-banker who was annoyed by the way traditional banking is working against people.

Prosperity magazine

Just another take on money.

Other business/money alternatives links

LANGUAGES / LIVING ABROAD - (living aboad) - (living abroad)

BARCELONA - (fundacion miro) - (guia del ocio) - (metropolitan magazine)

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