Mycle Heupel - biography

1952 Born in Münster, Germany
1964 First compositions
1970 Musikhochschule Münster (drums/percussion, piano, composition)
1976 Move to Hamburg
1978 - 1995 Privat teacher: piano, drums, theory
Compositions for e.g. chamber orchestra ("9 Bilder" 1988), piano (12x12, 1989), stringquartet (1. stringquartet, 1987). Additionally div. compositions and concerts with his Jazz/Rock and experimental groups, also concerts as a soloist (Jazz, improvised music)
1981 Assistent Professor f. arranging "Werkstatt für Jazz, Rock und Neue Musik"
from 1984 Working on synergetic expression: painting, drawing, music
from 1987 Exhibitions as a painter (solo,group)
from 1989 Inventions (DrumStove, RoundTable, K-mouse, LED watch, Three in One, Electric Clothing u.a., patent applications)
1990 Studio Popmusic project "Chaotic Julia & the Fractals"
1992 Pianoschool "Powerplay- Klavierspielen", with Edith Meyer, ERES '92
1993 "Major Drumming", innovative approach to drumming
1995 Move to New York
- "Artist in Residence", (Department of Cultural Affairs)
- Increased research on Instant Composing: "Momentum Arts"
- "concert 17" series (loft concerts)
- Work on "No:chair", invention (patented), development and production of the No:chair prototype
- Shows e.g. New York Medical Society (FIONS, Reich Symposium, there also concert, music workshop),
- "Dragonskins" open studio (Chelsea)
1999 Move to Barcelona
2000 CD "The Naked Drummer" (Instant Compositions for piano and drums, respectively)
2001 "Passages" (with Martin Müller), concert series in Teatro Llantiol, later in Tinta Roja, Espai des Arts
Solo exhibition "Oscillations" (180 serial drawings)
Co-founder of 'espacios VACIOS EMPTY spaces', an international artists group in Barcelona
2002 Group show: "Tallers Oberts"
CD "Passages"
2003 Group show: Windsor Institute, Barcelona
Participation in festival "Ciclo de Musica Experimental" (piano solo)
2004 "Don't Interrupt Me Now!" (composed exclusively on the PC)
2004 Move to Hamburg
2006 Idea and development of "Kreative", magazine for creativity
2007 Finished book "Der Innere Liebhaber", (The Lover Within)
Composed "Touchbase" - a program for ½ hour relaxation
2008 CD "Response", Fusion
CD "a.loops.", current
Beginning of "C3" blog , Consciousness - Creativity - Cultivation)
C4 concept (Consciousness - Creativity - Cultivation - Community)
2009 Concept C4 for Internet Business
C4 software development

onging cultivation



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Mycle Heupel