The quality of numbers and their translation into art and music

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For the calculating mind in its daily repetitious and reacting boredom, numbers add up to a bottom line on which it builds his life. Or so it thinks.

For the creative and intuitive mind, numbers are symbols of understanding, short signs, abstracts of complex processes, descriptions of these processes. Processes with an inherent quality and an external changing shape. They are exiting,

the 2, dual in its nature, representing all opposites in their complementary side(as an creative energy field) but also in their contradiction, even in their hostility and fight. in this way the 2 is the permanent re-establishing of something 'as it was'. it is then conservative by nature.

the 3 with its 'unbalanced' characteristic sets things into movement, is initial, decides, goes beyond the still equilibrium of a 'balance' , has lopsided weight. the 3 is change, therefore it is progressive.

the 1 is unity, the feeling of seeing the complex reality as ONE and therefore as SIMPLE. it creates joy and peace and understands harmony as the whole of many and much in their individual nature.

the 0 has such a deep trust that it forgets about itself thus indulges in pure BEING. the 0 is innocent at any time because it doesn't 'know'. nevertheless it manifests its deepest nature, it actually does because it doesn't 'know'. therefore it is virtually impossible to 'name' the 0. it goes beyond description, yet it is always ready to be experienced.

As a sequence - 2310 - these numbers can serve as a process starting from an IS status(2) to a CHANGE flow(3) into CONSCIOUSNESS (1) and a sudden awakening towards PURITY(0), which can only be described in 'negative' words like non- or a non-number like the 0.

Translated into music and art, these numbers can be signposts to concrete elements of music/fine arts as well as for the process of creating or the status/flow of performer.

For example the 2 can serve in music for certain rhythms/structures, based on binaries like a 4/4 rhythm or the distinction between eighth notes and triplets, thus introducing the 3. This 3 might also introduce a dynamic change, or a lopsided form . A '1' could define 'harmony' as a unity of different elements or sounds or just melody and rhythm. It could also mean 'sound fields', which appear amorphous.

In the Fine arts the 2 might show straight lines (defined by 2 poles) or rectangles or squares or such, whereas the 3 shows curves and non-linear movements, 3 colors. A '1' could mean fields of colors or structures.

The same could be applied to movement (dance) or any other form of creation.

The 0 is basically reserved for a state of the performing or receiving being. There is no way to analyze it, even to describe it. Whereas the 1 points already in that direction but still is describable as for example ecstasy or bliss , the 0 is a dynamic completeness beyond consciousness. It is kind of a pure existence, not knowing but doing everything right. It is not revelation because everything is already revealed. Always in the state of not-knowing, it is the 'state' of a permanent paradox. One cannot enter there or loose it. No more words then.

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