What's a genius worth
Ideas for a new quality-oriented way of connecting ideas & manifestation into a powerful 'consistent flow'

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INTRO: 1) If solutions and improvements for everyday life, as well as for art/research/science, are supposed to 'serve' a person or purpose then these solutions & improvements have to be conceived, developed and introduced immediately. 2) Sitting on solutions doesn't help the case, nor does repeating old habits (both ways are destructive if sometimes in a subtle way).

"WHAT's A GENIUS WORTH ?" is the slogan to foster 'creativity' by living and addressing it as the prime human source: there is no 'genesis' without the tale of a creator creating 'some-thing' out of 'no-thing'. Given a complete collective consciousness (as an infinite source of records), this powerful force, in case it touches an 'open human mind', inspires and enforces the 'creator within', thus a human being is enabled to create. (The only genuine resistance against this force being open or disguised fear/defense or the memory of that).

> definition of 'genius' : lat.: originally : 'creator'(sic!), outstanding creatively spirited force ; in Roman antiquity : a guardian spirit , embodiment of the essence of a human being, group, place. from 17th century : a person endowed with natural ability/talent.

So, is the following saying right: "anyone can have an idea, but who can actualize it?". That sounds like a very bourgeois contribution in line with educating kids NOT to become an artist for 'because you can't make money with the arts'. Sure, potentially anyone might be able to conceive ideas. But an 'open mind' has to be opened on a consistent basis , one has to permanently live change without fearing the consequences.

Any habits are creativity killers. Hysterical objection: "But there has to be some structure!" - "There is always some structure but the quality of any given structure is change - and today that means: fast change. Better get into the flow NOW. Apply that to individuals, family, companies, any social gathering.

In order to conceive ideas you have to live a 'crazy' life, you have to be a hunter of creativity killers: habits, ego (i.e. having one idea and celebrating it for the next 20 years), hierarchy (inferiority/superiority are real killers). A hunter is aware (he better be!) of (potential) dangers yet is moving forward through the 'jungle' which is basically unknown territory with vaguely familiar elements.

> Creativity-movement relationship
In order to unlock creative energy, not just your mind has to move: so has your soul, so has your body.

Freeing one's potential means: transforming bound energy (memories > habits) into free available energy (creative > non-attached). For example to transform water into steam one has to heat the water consistently and beyond a temporary boiling.

The whole human system picks up speed ( without feeling pressure) by learning how to move body, mind and soul in an aligned way. Aligned with natural forces (like gravity, which we falsely learned to resist), that is. Nature and the cosmos don't know any conventions! So throw them out, break them or much better, play with them until they give up and have a good laugh about them.

All this has to be consistent practice which might grow into a cultivation practice.

> Elements Elements are not comparable to any of these popular 'modules'. Modules are stiff in themselves, whereas elements are temporary quality incidents in flow. They might occur again and again but are never exactly the same. Sounds familiar?

> The problem of evaluation

Creativity as Service!

Dr.James D. Austin in his book 'Zen and the Brain' mentions two ways of perception: the perception of recognition and the perception of surprise. The former wants to detect similarities, hear , see, feel what they already 'know' . People who favor this feel generally threatened by unusual, changing experiences. They are more conservative with a belief that what worked before will do so next time. What they forget: all the means to fulfill their necessities and conveniences have been new at one point, even the chair they are sitting on, the kitchen tools they're using daily or the TV they are looking at have first been ideas! Theses people are surrounded by creativity which they take for granted. But they don't feel any inner connection.

The latter perception (of surprise is open to the adventure of something new, unexpected. It even risks something itself to contact people/ideas/works of change, of surprise. They feel inspired and their world seems to be enlarged as their perception gets enhanced. There is more then a mere acceptance of life: curiosity and playfulness. There is no way to play mechanically or just follow the 'rules': rules are for them a rough outline to explore. And rules can (and should) be accomodated to a natural flow rather than defending them until all energy has been drained out. (The game her is to create rules just to break them again . . . until the flow takes over).

To foster the real value of creativity we have to close the gap between the 'original' creative force and Me/Now/Here.

To be used as leverage to close this gap: all the damages done to our environment are body extensions : it's the choice of our beliefs (or the non awareness and non reversal of habits), such as "everybody has to die" (how do we know and did we try otherwise?). Thus we are legitimizing the early heart attack or breast cancer as inevitable signs of 'fate' (probably the most common excuse for non-change). Another one is "That's how nature works", which seems to fit every verbal communication hole (yet nature doesn't need our interpretations and therefore doesn't care either).

It's like a reversed 'Russian Puppets' game! The Russian Puppets nicely fit one into another, always the smaller into a bigger one (people into nature into universe).

The reversal is a desperate and failing trial (no confidence) to press the bigger 'puppet' one (creativity, nature, universe, cosmos, god, etc) into the smaller one (our left-brainy interpretations, often given out as second hand opinions). But control kills life which is a stream of manifested creativity. And control is the fear of losing which ultimately means death (losing our lives). Illusions of safety are destroying the joy, wonder, love (openness) of life (which politician ever won an election without stressing 'safety'?).

Safety manifests in habits, manifests in mediocrity, manifests in boredom which is a real crime to life .

Let's bridge the creator-manifestation gap

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