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The term 'Momentum Arts' describes a way to approach the production of art. It means that a person might use all or parts of his/her 'assets' like talent ,skills, intuition, knowledge as specific elements to create artwork in this particular moment. These elements may include the conscious use of one's wholebody like momentary ideas, intentions, moods, body-sensations, the present environment, any 'found' tools as well as any (temporary and/or long-term) knowledge.

Why don't we call this process simply improvisation? Improvisations usually deal with a specific preset (i.e. any motive to start with) which can be modified, enhanced or changed . This preset might be loose but still it exists like a safety net.

Momentum Arts starts right here/now. It is pure presence & awareness. There is no escape or hiding. MA reflects and touches deep already existing internal fields in a unique way, no two moments are the same. This applies to i.e. music or painting likewise.

The intention in regard to the public is that it touches precisely this beauty of the exquisite moment which we know about deep inside. Yet most people are intimidated to live this awareness. Its intimacy and innocence doesn't seem to fit into perception of today's social constellations.

In a 'habitual' society packed with conventions , rules and limitations it seems appropriate to instinctively deny the 'Inner Voice' which at best seems to be a fleeting sensation, but never the powerful guide it actually can be. In a materially oriented society (and it takes something to de-condition oneself from that) we are used to giving most of our (inner) power away and merely reacting to our environment.

Momentum Arts is inevitable risk, gentle exploration, naked awareness, revealing spontaneity, irrevocable freshness. It aims to raise its level of performance continually by a consistent cultivation practice rather then a repetition of patterns.

There is no such thing as preparation since being aware of the presence means : This moment! There is no time to prepare.

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