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personal: to start patrons-net one needs a communicator/mediator, who probably knows an artist(musician/composer/writer etc) in search of a patron. also the reverse way is possible: someone with money searching for a valuable cause to put it in ('saving lives directly at your doorstep!') could be the starting point.

skills: the communicator is able to handle the delicate nature of bringing together people of high sensitivity & individuality. it's a personal approach. to communicate and mediate issue and people is crucial. research skills (or the delegation of them) are necessary, too.

knowledge: the communicator should know something about the people he is promoting/ case of the artist: his work and his live/work case of the patron: some personal & business info. in both cases sHe needs info like addresses, phone/fax etc. it is helpful to know a bit about the situation of artists (and that they live in a situation where their basic human rights are permanently mistreated(!) and nobody cares at all. artists themselves don't want to and/or dare to see different approaches than to make a 'career', to be ambitious, which makes them fail in about 95% (only about 5% can live from their artistic work). to know about the problem as a bigger than just individual one might help the case, although the personal approach is immensely important to this project. it's also the chance for people to get involved without years of professional knowledge in the art market.

facilities: no specific facilities are required. can be started from home.

money: telephone/mailing/resource costs are the only ones at the beginning, travel expenses might become evident in time. the communicator is of course part of any financial agreement by patron-artist, either with a percentage of the money involved or any other agreement. if possible sHe could be paid up front if money is already available.

contacts/network: a network of informants is helpful (artists , decisionmakers , business people, cultural administratives) but again, to start, this is not necessary. the ability to MAKE contacts and communicate the issue in a passionate but unattached way is more important. the network will come.

enthusiasm and sensitivity, creative and inventive (networking) approach and an ability to learn about a highly diversified subject (art) is more important than existing strings (which could lead to hindering prejudices). freshness and intelligence are more valued by artists/patron with high individuality than the 'knowledge' about what is 'in' or 'out' in the world of trends.

Patrons-net is a completely new approach to solve a problem which will be more & more evident in the next years. art market and galleries as much as the music industry have lost the contact with (developing, not necessarily young) artists, whose work actually constitutes these markets. the art market builds on fame because fame sells, the music industry is also staying with what is supposedly a safe bet. both are staring at the bottom line. that leaves artists in hostile conditions: besides dividing their time between creating and surviving (taking on any job, which in itself is counterproductive), they seem to be forced into permanently thinking of how to become famous as the only possible way to live from their art. this is a vicious circle.

in the inventors world contacts to investors are crucial(patents, prototypes). many inventors become broke by putting all their own money and/or borrowed money into the project just to find out that the work is not protected and/or there is no more money to promote it adequately, not even to speak about a professional marketing research.

the problem of not being able to promote their work in a professional way is a shared one between all creative people.

patrons-net can literally save lives (of creative people and artists) who want to contribute to the evolvement of human consciousness but are actually living at the bare survival level. therefore they cannot do their best. this has to be changed. patrons-net is serving the community by addressing these problems and contributing to a solution.

I see patrons-net as a model for the future to stress the individual and creative/spiritual human aspects (who wants mass approaches anyway?). if we miss that point we are delivering our destiny to a religious belief in uninhibited technology and business.

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