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the human touch: from inside out

Although there is a popular way of interpreting artists as just a different kind of entrepreneurs, this is -de facto- impossible. The entrepreneur who wants to build a profitable business thinks about and manifests products and services which indeed return the most profit to him. He is not at all concerned about any inner development, existential questions or philosophical mutterings (except, of course, if these would make a big profit).

For the entrepreneur the bottom line is the headline. therefore he has a great interest in mass products: having a big 'hit' brings in the money in streams. But even if he finds a 'niche' market, or has high priced products for just a few wealthy customers: his interpretation of 'the market' is measured in profitable ventures. If he can provide something 'morally' acceptable , the better, especially for his reputation. Still, the bottom line is the headline: profits, financial gains, and foremost for himself.

So why is an artist not a businessperson? (although some are pretty good at it)?

Because art is manifested humanity. It is individual , showing whatever common or uncommon idea or feeling runs through an individualist's body, expressed through his action, his movement, his passion and momentary state. It might also show the fight against stiff resistance or the letting go of the resistance inside . Maybe it's diluted by exactly that amount of resistance, superficiality and search for attention and fame.

Nevertheless it's unique. Usually there is just one of a kind. There are many cars of the same type. A work of art is authentic and unconventional. An artist might be moved by deep , existential questions or just led by her intuition. Questions are a big part of creating, answers more or less happen.

There is a more distant, impersonal, external way of creating: it's the kind in which technology and methods lead the way, the kind in which prefixed rules or framework determine the limited space provided for the creative process. The kind in which technical abilities are prominent and secure the success. It's also the kind in which craftspeople and interpreters carry out the task at hand.

The advertising industry-though world class in promoting (themselves) tries to fill the needs for an image of a company. And yes, besides the functioning towards dead-and outlines, there is a trace of creativity.

The lines between different creative activities appear to be blurred here, partly because most artists who are deeply involved in their work, find that life and work are inseparable. Thus they lack the ability which the fast shooting and on the surface floating advertising industry (the members of which think of themselves as being 'the creatives') has in abundance: to promote oneself.

If society doesn't want to drown in 'Big Brother' type hoaxes and the daily propaganda of the mass media, and if it still finds that there are more natural processes to explore than being glued to the Internet, it has to do something about preserving and promoting one of its very sources and characteristics, namely creativity. And because the protagonists of this source, artists, are and have to be highly unique individuals, they surely like to be preserved by some equally unique alter egos: patrons!

Artists serve society in many ways: as reminders and provocateurs, as inspirers and catalysts, as healers and magicians, as challengers of habits and as questioners of established and outdated rituals, and as promoters of love and spirituality. they emphasize and discuss human qualities. They irritate the daily perception and expand it because of that. They suffer- if necessary- for the expression of their inner voice. They show: there is an inner voice. Usually they don't make good sports for injustice and suppression. Even if they deny any god they still know something about the immense creative cosmic force.

People are so used to creativity and art that they can't imagine that the human world would just shrivel and die without it. Still society at large doesn't appreciate it. That's why it needs the passionate support from open-minded, curious and courageous individuals who lead their life from a different angle, with different talents expressing themselves and -other than artists- earning the rewards for it. These people, who are - although successful in public opinion- not fulfilled with just earning and spending money are the ones who understand that creativity/authenticity/spirituality have to be protected like nature itself.

Patrons might want to connect and interact with artists, meet with them and manifest with them. They might even want to find them personally! Of course they could just collect the work and by that secure the material life of an artist. But they could also get exited about sharing the passion in developing, creating something completely new and participating in it.

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