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Mycle Heupel


piano, stage drums

Composer, musician, painter and inventor. Lived in Hamburg and New York, right now he is residing in Barcelona. After studying classical music in Germany he composed for orchestra as well as for the diverse groups - from Jazz to Rock to Experimental - he was playing in. As a painter he had several solo shows and participated in group shows. Some of his inventions like the "No:chair" have been patented.


Martin Mueller



Actor, singer and traveller. Originally from Berlin, he lived in London and now he is in Barcelona. Studied Dramatic Arts, pedagogy and finances. He worked with various theatre companies in Germany and England. He performed programs of improvised vocal music, like the "Suburban Hymns" with Ridiculusmus at the Theatre Festival in Edinborough. Since some time he dedicates himself to the exploration of the voice.


the concept

'PASSAGES' is a voyage into the human condition. it explores in an artistic way the possibilities human potential might have, especially when this potential is challenged in THIS particular moment. what are we capable of doing? what are our resources? are we just conditioned marionettes of our past? are we able to create our presence spontaneously? this is the internal voyage.

'PASSAGES' has a similarity to giving birth. its aim to show that composing can be playful and thoughtful at the same time while its is actually happening needs delicacy and sensitivity , besides experience and courage. it's an adventure, using what it finds, including drumming on tables, chairs and the floor.

by performing this process in front of an audience a communication is established, a shared complicity in creation and investigation which can take all kinds of forms: stories are told, words of different languages are 'rapped' -sometimes DADA and Fluxus sound through -, musical elements of various cultures from bach to miles davis, schoenberg to minimal or 'free' music might appear. influences form india or gypsy culture might shine through. the language of the artists is exploring, delicate and unique either way. resonating with the audience makes PASSAGES an integrated energy field. this is the external voyage.

but foremost and most important, 'PASSAGES' is a celebration of the moment, the awareness of which is the purest way of living. no moment can be rehearsed: it is already gone, a flow of permanent life and death and life . . . enjoy the beauty of THIS moment, or Momentum Art as the artists call it.

Concert Dates

For new concert dates come back soon or send me an e-mail for updates.

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