Affirmation Thirteen
The Journey of Becoming Light Over Matter

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I command myself to commence
the journey of becoming
light over matter.
To plug into the individual,
internal pilgrimage.
To evaluate every belief Ive ever had.
To unplug my heart
from the tribe and plug it into myself.
To liberate myself
from every negative thought
and fear
that has authority over me.
I will myself to operate
on energetic commands.
To cultivate the strength
to control the power that
the outside world
has over my perceptions
and my spirit.
I will myself to resurrect and ascend
to a higher order of consciousness.
To believe
that no matter what happens
in the outside world
I will hold my center
and prevent myself
from plugging into illusions
that take my spirit with them

Barcelona, October 15, 2001

Susana Gross,
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