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Wed, July 9th 2003 - Creativity versus Consciousness?

Some artists believe that creativity and consciousness don´t have anything to do with each other. This belief is, of course, based in concepts likening consciousness automatically to religion etc. So here is another idea.

Consciousness and creativity are the two powerful sides of what constitutes a human being. One doesn´t go without the other in a healthy way. Both have to be developed although they are 'un-conditional' talents. Even an improvisor has to practice improvising to face the many challenges of unpredictability. Creativity without consciousness turns the creative person into a superficial -although possibly sophisticated - clown or a commentator on events and technology. Consciousness without creativity is like a question without response. Responsibility is the effortless action stemming from a deep question someone asked oneself before.

A good read to bridge those elements or better, to show its many connections is the artist Julia Cameron´s book 'The Artist´s Way - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity '. And it´s enjoyable to read, too!

And now go playing!


Wed, July 2nd 2003 - Via Verdes & Busy times

This is supposed to be short since I´m quite busy learning a new program to create music on the computer. Si now I´m putting in a string quartet (an somewhat antiquated composition of mine) to learn the trix. I spent hours today for typing in notes (or symbols) and I didn´t get further than the first half of the first movement (the shortest!). Probably playing life is still the more immediate solution . . .

If you like to bike and you never heard of or experienced the 'Via Verdes'(former railways transformed into bike ways) you might want to check if you find something around your town. Here in Spain you can checkI think this is an international effort, so find out in for your area.

If you are interested in new ways of exploring consciousness you might want to join Michael Mannion´s and Patricia Corbett´s (The Mindshift Institute) in September. It´s worth it, I am sure!!

Be well and happy!


Mon, June 30th 2003 - Take a deep breath...

... and enjoy the new piece at the music section, Ice Song. A delicate and wonderful minute, let if flow through you.. .


Wed, June 25th 2003 - Biophotons and Art!

If you were ever imagining a landscape with a small river, wildflowers, art(ists) and science, then you may want to visit the 'Insel Hombroich' and the 'Raketenstation' (rocket station). This work of love created by Karl-Heinrich Mueller and his friends (painter Graubner, sculptor Heerich, landscape architect Korte etc)was supposed to host the very personal art collection of Mr. Mueller, and it does so in the many pavillons spread out through the landscape.In his introductory words, Mueller´s text writes about the 'female' power of the project suggesting an affinity towards Taoism. Today, artists, musicians,philosophers and scientists are inhabiting Insel Hombroich.(Click the link and go to 'Rundgang' to get an impression since the page is in German).

Speaking about science we love to mention the International Institute of Biophysics, a place of real revolutionary research! Integrated in the former military station transformed art/science field,weak light emissions in living organisms are investigated by Prof. F.A. Popp and his colleagues. Amazing breakthroughs were made, for example in the respect to food or/and human consciousness(Click on publications).Enlightenment maybe happening in real time!

Let the Biophotons wash right through you this week!


Wed, June 18th 2003 - Buddha´s Business

What has Buddha got to do with business? Recently a friend sent me an email mentioning a lecture announced as something like 'Is Buddah in your business?'.

It´s funny how people 'link' Buddhism to people or things. A Buddha which could be linked as an object to another object somehow clouds my enlightenment.Is there any possibility that Buddha is not in your business? Isn't Buddha also in your ideas, feelings and actions? Maybe also in your cat and in the TV and in anger? Find some inspiration here.

And maybe Buddha is also in your resistance? Anyway, life is really more enjoyable without all those emotional, physical, mental - and whatever else you can imagine - blocking the free flow of life´s energy inside. Some ways of practicing letting go and more are shown in the webpages of Bruce Kumar Francis and Michael Murphy/George Leonard.

Be well everybody and let the Buddha speak to you this week.


Mon, June 16th 2003 - Lo bueno se hace esperar

The new music piece from Mycle should have been ready a week ago, but I haven't been able to set it up until today. Those of you who have been waiting for it, go and get it now from the music section. Cars Going By is one of my favorites so far.


Wed, June 11th 2003 - Funky Business

Creative people often have their doubts about business - making business, collaborating with business,etc. This maybe comes from the notion that they have to submit to what business - and what a generalization that is! - wants from them. In other words they believe that the creative process is somehow diluted for the goal of pleasing somebody in order to make some - or a lot of - bucks.

Artists, who are still the protagonists of creativity (although books about creativity are ususally written by psychologists), therefore accept the antiquated and a bit schizophrenic model of ´dividing´their time between a job (survive) and their ´real´ work (create). Funny enough, many artists are not open to even consider alternatives.

Maybe they would become inspired by ´Funky Business´, a book by two Swedish Economists (Stockholm School of Economics). It is what the authors suggest in the title: funky! Since I personally attended a presentation by Kjell Nordstroem I can attest: it´s great fun , besides being entertaining and inspiring. The author of these lines would greatly enjoy cooperations in this direction!

Enjoy a funky week!


Wed, June 4th 2003 - 2 More

Last time it was Berio and Lerner, this time it is Byrd and Smullyan. People I find remarkable that is.

Robert Byrd is a US Senator (D) who speaks out clearly many of the concerns people have about the Iraq occupation by the US. It´s a funny twist in Byrds career that now being a pacifist he was in the Ku Klux Klan in his youth (which he now calls the biggest mistake of his life). Check out one of his speeches in Congress here.

The other ´strange bird´is Raymond M. Smullyan, whose book ´The Tao Is Silent´I just read. This is enjoyable and inspiring reading. His amazing career (professional magician, musician, renowned mathematician, author of 20 or so books) looks like the mirror of somebody who could connect so different issues as the chess problems of Sherlock Holmes, mathematical problems like Goedels theorem and the Tao in his wide mind and soul. Among the many chapters of the beforementioned book I especially enjoyed the one called 'Is God a Taoist?' in which God has a dispute with a moralist. Of course the moralist is 'loosing' here.

Would Quantum physics exist without Max Planck? He also wanted to be a musician before becoming a famous scientist.

Enjoy your week


Wed, May 28th 2003 - Lerner and Berio

Since this page is dedicated to creativity/consciousness as an entity, here is something about two people who moved a lot in that direction.

The first one is the composer Luciano Berio, who has just died. Being one of the big influences in the 20ieth century, he created new tendencies without thinking that he had to deny his creative ancestors. He was particularly interested in the voice/the word, ethnomusicology (when nobody talked about 'worldmusic') and any source material (literature!) he could use for his creative transformations. He will stay around as a non-visible inspirer.

The other one is Jaime Lerner, the former Mayor of Curitiba(Brazil) and now Governor of the state Parana. His social and ecological innovations are already legend. Some notes about his revolutionary work - with creativity and courage leading the way - can be found here.Additionally his speach at the UN from the year 2000 is worth reading.

Creativity cannot believe that it has to be done the way it was, thus repeating the same destructive and ridiculous addiction over and over.In that sense

have a creative week!


Wed, May 21st 2003 - Creative Class?

While many are still talking about the future of the service industry or that all which counts today is knowledge based, Richard Florida takes us already a step further.In his award winning book 'The Rise of the Creative Class' he writes about the leading role of creativity for future developments in society - and that includes individuals and companies alike.

This is,of course, nothing new for artists whose life and work is organizinging itself around creativity. Sadly, their talent is often abused because they are forced finding creative solutions just for survival.Some thoughts on that you can read in an article called 'Creativity-the scandal of not getting paid!' More on this issue, including some ideas how to change it, you find in the consciousness section of this page (scroll down to ´creativity' and ´patrons net'). Still, artists are the protagonists of creativity!

Enjoy a creative week!


Thu, May 15th 2003 - Insisting

Since Mycle is too modest to talk about it, I'll do it. Of course I'm talking about the new recording you can find in the Instant Compositions page, named 'Insisting'. A lively little improvisation that I undoubtedly recommend. By the way, why not sharing your thoughts about it adding a comment to this post?


Wed, May 14th 2003 - Positive News

First dies communism, then capitalism. And like a supertanker which needs a long way to stop just because of his own weight, capitalism is driven by its own 'weight'. For weight you might insert Ego = accumulation of outdated concepts transformed into habitual action. The tragic soap opera of American politics - or should I say 'fascism light' quoting Susan Sontag (I think) - continues.

But there is hope. Besides Susan Sontag Norman Mailer (who asks 'Why did we go to war', shows affinity to Michael Moore), Giovanni Sartori (who reminds everybody of the real problems - which is not terrorrism but overpopulation , abuse of resources etc ) and Peter Sloterdijk (a German philosopher who elaborates in ¨Spheres" his new ontological vision of life)speak out.

Mailer calls the current administration´s politic plainly´'fascism'.I guess there is no other word for it. Let´s watch them!

And don´t forget: Life is beautiful, indeed!


Wed, May 7th 2003 - Abundance

Abundance is the absence of lack. Abundance means to love what you do and feel inspired by it. It means to honour and enjoy what you have - internal and external - instead of focusing again and again on lack. Thoughts create concepts which turn into behaviour. Thoughts about lack turn into limiting concepts and - with negative feelings attached to it - literally turn into bad behaviour!

This might be true for different areas of our life, and of course, the financial area is one of them. But abundance is also the abundance of our talents, of our love, of our passion. Maybe we are too ´greedy´ sometimes? Here are some links to articles about (financial) abundance. Get inspired and practice abundance!

Enjoy a fulfilled week


Wed, April 30th 2003 - USA liberated!

Actually, this is fake news. I'd love that to be the headline soon. But with all that anger and aggression in the Bush administaration we probably have to wait for an implosion. Just to see those infantile revenge feelings against France (and Germany) makes you wonder up to which stage they might have advanced in their personal life. Should we send them an army of therapists? Or better: clowns? Or maybe therapeutic clowns?

Again one of the few credible sources on what is happening (and maybe going to happen in the near future)in Iraq is the journalist Robert Fisk, just read the interview with him.

So what can we - the community of free individuals - do to get government servants who understand something about letting go of their stored emotional memories, not serving them anymore? Maye there is something to 'unlearn'for us,too? How about checking intuitively the Cellular Healing page?

And if you are interested in the newest Instant Composition, please download it here!Have a joyful week!


Wed, April 23rd 2003 - What a Plot!

So what would you do if you are a member of the Bush administaration - especially the Pentagon - and still all your efforts(CIA, FBI, NSA) failed to find the 'evidence' you need to prove your point of a 'just' war against Iraq (or whatever state you put on your blacklist)? Read one possible version here, written by Gary Leupp.

Scrolling down that page you find an essay by the Palestinian writer Edward Said 'The Appalling Consequences are Now Clear'.More of Edward Said you find here, and its worth reading. By the way, he won the Principe de Asturies price, together with his jewish friend, pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim.

Some news from this page: in the creativity section you can listen to some samples of PASSAGES, a joint project of Martin Mueller and Mycle.

By the way, last week we enjoyed our 1000st visitor! Keep coming (and commenting)!

Hasta luego, see you


Wed, April 16th 2003 - Messianic Imperialism-and Other News

Our consciusness might not want to allow anymore something happening in front of our eyes and still negating it, like it is happening with the occupation of Iraq. Killings, violations, humiliations, propaganda and other lies, etc.(Check out Robert Fisk/The Independent)

Today everybody asks why the Germans didn´t stop Hitler. He operated with the same mechanisms!He had a messianic approach and an extraordinary propaganda machine and military force. And at the end he killed himself, after 55 million people died of his regime and as consequence of World War II.

Why does the simple word ´patriotism' erase any understanding and rational observation in people? Is it the indentification with something ´big´ which makes people blind? And what does it say about their self-esteem?

Some announcements for this website: Finally we started a page with Instant Compositions! Every other week we will add another piece of immediacte music, and its free to downoad. You can also access the page via the newly added button(the note symbol).And if you are already checking out buttons: why don´t you vote in the new poll(the check mark button)?

Last but not least an update to the ´Space´section in which various people contribute texts of different kinds. Newly added were a poem and 2 affirmations from writer Susana Gross. Read them and send her comments. Thanx Susana!

Enjoy the moment


Wed, April 9th 2003 - Repair

There are some who - in order to compensate their fear of being weak - give orders to destroy, violate, humiliate and kill. And there are others who do the immense work of helping people who were traumatized by those violent events. One of them is Dr. Clarissa Pincola Estés (exactly, the one´running with the wolves'). You surely heard about the Michael Moore movie ´Bowling for Columbine´. Dr. Estés takes care of those people who got traumatized in the mass-shooting in Columbine.Please read her beautiful ´postscript´!

Talking about Michael Moore again: I really don´t get paid for promoting him! But he is simply one of the few poeple in the States to speak out loud and proud. And he has something to say,too.For example about the Oscar presentation. And the strangely un-democratic mediacoverage in the States. The words ´terrorism´and ´patriotism´are obviously enough to deceive lots of people.

Besides that he is planning a new documentary about Mr. Bush.

Good luck!To Michael Moore and everyone else.


Wed, April 2nd 2003 - After the War

Now that we are presented again and again with the cruelties and stupidities of war, killing civilians, journalists, soldiers but not the ´engineers´ themselves, some considerations may be in place here. First, is it really possible to ´enforce´ human rights? Or are those cruelties rather creating a climate of distrust and suspicion?

While we can read - if we are not already sick of propaganda and (self-)censorship - in the mass media about the American plans to implement an obedient government, we,too, might want to ask ourselves what we want to have changed through this war. Some people believe this will be a major breakthrough in human consciousness and therefore lead to a more peaceful world. To change something one has to come in contact with it and lead it without violence into a new direction. The war is from that perspective a big chance. Some - like the Club of Budapest - are already doing this. (By the way, if anybody is interested in getting the CoB Spain off the ground, please contact me). The Terra Network ( right now in a testphase and only in German available) is such a project.

In which world do want to live? What are your ideas?

Enjoy a imaginative week.


Wed, March 26th 2003 - From Inside

The whole week I was thinking if I could write about something else than this fucking war and the fucked up people who started it. What could change the martial direction of Bush and his gang? For all the people who ever experienced ´real´ violence this is horror. Because this kind of violence - in this case paired with the stupidity of a simplistic missionary approach and very real business interests - doesn´t argue, neither does it listen to anybody nor it is willing accept any consideratin other than their own. You are not on their side? There is the fist in your face! It´s like some political Hell´s Angels let loose.So what else could I write about?

Maybe more Americans speak out and see from where the real danger is coming: their own government. Someone courageous enough like Oscar winner Michael Moore might pave the way for the undecided and misinformed crowd.And hopefully it´s not just the war which is over soon. We definitely need the American population to turn against their ´government´. Doesn´t this whole thing stink anyway? Although this is such a secretive government maybe they have some documents to hide? And maybe those documents show up like they did in the Watergate affair?

No more of that, still we have a life to live.

Please live your life in joy and peace.


Wed, March 19th 2003 - Not In Our Name!

We all knew it, didn´t we? Bush wanted to go to war in any case. What should we wish for? That he falls suddenly ill? With the decisions he is taking,it looks like he is already not completely well. What should we wish for in relation to the Iraqui people? Because Saddam still remains a terrible and self serving man. Maybe we - the people of the world - have just to continue our protest.

What are the good news in war times? I guess all those untold daily stories of love, happiness, personal growth, evolution and creativity around the world. Today - actually now -is probably a really good time to ask yourself your most urgent question and reflect on the I Chings´s answer.

I wish you good questions.


Wed, March 12th 2003 - Crusaders

Just when you believe something like a crusade wouldn´t be possible anymore with people too smart to be seduced into a ´we-are-right-and-that´s-it´ mentality the whole drama is displayed in front of us. Like a nightmare unfolding itself slowly, people rub their eyes because they cannot believe what they are seeing. State fanatism is back.

Actually it makes perfect sense. Bush was never a great business person, but the role of a fanatic evangelist fits him perfectly. A dangerous perfection. Obviously he shares this grim focus - to impose the ´good´ - with partners and opponents: Aznar, Blair, Bin Laden . . you name them. The New World Order. What a horrific vision to imagine that Bush and his religious gang determine my ´values´, my life. Creativity is usually something those people really hate. Creativity is too fast, too impredictable, too ´chaotic´, etc. Still, in case somebody wants to ´watch´what is happening, here are some ´watch´sites:click on the ´news´ dropdown menu and you have a rich choice.

Enjoy a creative, energetic, playful and peaceful week!


Wed, March 5th 2003 - Does Peace Have A Chance?

While I feel surrounded by people who speak out against the planned war against Iraq I wonder: who votes for all those conservative politicians who are pushing an agenda which - at least in case of the Bush administration - was clearly drawn out from the beginning of a doubtful election (and before)? There must be many people that somehow see an advantage in going with the ´big boys´who appear so terribly small.

Why do people have so much fear inside that they fall time and again for one of those ´leaders´ shouting in a microphone something about ´good/evil´or ´national interest´? The German philosopher Schopenhauer didn´t have a very favorable idea about people attached to pride. While he is investigating the different forms of this attitude, he comes to the conclusion, that people with extrem low selfesteem at the end of all options desperately go with ´national pride´.

How can we avoid the daily propaganda? Recycle your TV into an art object, for example. Anyway, the only link I can offer today is to sign a petition and send it to the UN council members.



Wed, February 26th 2003 - Lysistrata

Some 2500 years the Greek poet Aristophanes wrote a piece called ´Lysistrata´. It deals with men wanting to go to war and women not agreeing to that. So the women were considering what to do. And denied the men any ´sex´. That was obviously enough to halt a war against Sparta. Would it be enough to stop people like Saddam, George W., Donald, Omar Bin,Dick, Paul . .and whatever more names linger around in fore-and background? Perhaps they are all abstinent from sex?

Another peaceful week


Wed, February 19th 2003 - Tension

It is not just the oil and the weapon industry that want to profit from the planned war against Iraq. Probably the most cynical aspect of war is to violate people (if they don´t get killed in the first place) and then to ´help´or ´heal´them: the pharmaceutical industry is just waiting for that. Anyone raising their voice against this? Yes, of course!

And for people who want to support planetary consciousness with their energy, there are many places. One can be found here.

Hasta luego, have a nice week


Sun, February 16th 2003 - Dissolving War!

Yesterday the PEOPLE all over the world spoke out clearly: NO to WAR!

To offer our Readers an additional opportunity to express feelings, thoughts and ideas against war and for an increasing global consciousness, we want to install a 'joy-of-life/war free zone' in the SPACE section (also accessible through the 'Peace' button above). Any spontaneous feelings against war and inspiring comments or ideas for a more conscious way of life are collected (except hate feelings which should be reviewed by the author him-/herself). Besides that everyone who wants to create a new 'anti-war' or 'joy-of-life' button (something like the peace button on this page) is very welcome to send it in. We'd like to create a field of highly varied 'seed' towards a life worth living. Please, don't be shy to send in your comments, ideas or buttons. Needless to say there is no commercial interest from our side.

Peace, joy and creativity to everybody


Wed, February 12th 2003 - Democracy?

Is it funny to think about the US still being the ´freest country´in the world´? Don´t be shocked if you read what Mr. Bush is preparing NOW to shut up the people in the States. Nobody can complain about the clarity of the line he is drawing: it´s all mapped out. What should we do with it? Most people will duck away (exactly what Mr. Bush and his friends want), and for the courageous rest he wants to implement those new laws.

So what can we do? Street action might be one way, and it is necessary. On the long run we do need some new quality in human consciousness that is clearly different from the slave mentality as we know it.Perhaps you find some inspiration here?

See you next wednesday



Wed, February 5th 2003 - Be An Artist - Start Now!

Maybe there is an artist hidden in everyone like the late German artist Josef Beuys used to stress? If anybody is interested to find out and probably get involved, here is a interesting way to check out. Additional read might be found here.

As we look at a possible war scenario and its buildup,we might indeed think about the fastest ways to influence politicians in favor of using force.I guess that everything needs is own time.On the other , anything to 'get a raise' in consciousness is definitely welcome.We have probably much more options than we think!

Be well everybody


Wed, January 29th 2003 - Peace Amidst Confusion

While many believe that 'drumming up war' is an apropriate metaphor for Mr. Bush's desperate last chance re-election push, I would like to ask everybody: did you ever look at his face and his eyes (as far as media deliver them)? Does anybody believe that this guy is capable of drumming, musical drumming, that is? Can we be sure he wouldn't miss the drum? And inadvertently hit the red button that would turn earth into a graveyard?

Here is a link to a drummer and composer who knows what he is doing!

Anyway, yesterday I heard a band from Mali. Gorgeous music! Are racists just people hostile against groove?

A completely different way of finding depth in the daily nonsense is this one.

Peace to all, including George, of course.


Wed, January 22nd 2003 - Concerts for Peace

Last Saturday I participated in a concert which was part of the Festival for Experimental Music her in Barcelona. Since I was playing a digital Roland, I didn't seem to be too progressive. Still,I was outdone by a very conventional Boesendorfer Grand. Again I thought that being progressive or experimental doesn't necessarily mean 'new' sound sources (and new instruments) but is much more dependent on the relations between the sounds(tones).And those are created by the performer ("If you don't have anything to say, no techniques or gimmicks will help you!").

Sources for inspiration might be anything. Progressive science like research about biophotons (since this site is in German language , here is an english intro)could be as inspiring as the life of a great, nearly forgotten scientist like Nicolas Tesla.

But perhaps 'progressive' means anyway just putting one foot in front of the other while immersing oneself in a gentle touch of ones soles?



Mon, January 20th 2003 - Welcome Susana

The space section has a new guest, Susana. Why don't you go there and read her poems "Hay tantas cosas"?

The links section has been updated as well, with many new interesting links. And a silly problem with the DDT has also been fixed - sorry Silvia! ;-)


Wed, January 15th 2003 - Changing Paradigms

New Year , same world view? How about changing the view of our daily perception slightly but continously ? Let´s say on the way to work you take the same subway or the same highway every day. What are we usually looking for? The same things as yesterday, right?

Well, we also could shift direction slightly but with a decisive effect: let´s look out everyday for something NEW, something that changed, a difference to yesterday, a new person or something we didn´t pay attention to before . . IT may spark our curiosity for more. And there are no limits to change(go to interviews: Carlos Castaneda).

In this way I wish everybody an unlimited view today!


Fri, January 10th 2003 - No More War - Let´s Start Inside!

We are well into the new year (which overwhelmed me which is why this section is 2 days late, sorry!) and , while George II wants war and oil, many people signed anti-war lists to be send to the UN. Now, this is of course urgent and necessary.

Still, what about the everyday internal war, cold or hot, which is sometimes lurking just under the cover for eruption,while at other times open rage flares up in uninhibitid ways? What could we do about that? Send a list to ourselves? Maybe all relatives,friends, mates and colleages -present or past - would sign it? And so remind us of the potential danger we all are if we don´t become conscious and aware about it? How far would we go to find out?

Inner Peace to everybody!


Wed, January 1st 2003 - A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

Instead of wishing a happy 2003 I thought it might be more appropriate to push one of the really amazing aspects of life. I am speaking about the wonders, the unexpected and surprising which seem to come from nowhere, most enjoyable to the people who are prepared for them, sometimes a bit more harsh to the habit-driven rest.

What does it mean to be prepared? I would suggest an open mind, heart and body or better: an energetic and fluent wholebody.Prepared by good questions, guided by the insight that love is to be loving and not to be loved, and an integration through meditation in stillness and movement.

Equipped with increased curiosity through continual practice: look out for the wonders, the joy of surprise.

Cheers,Prost,Skol,A Votre Sante . . .


Thu, December 26th 2002 - Oh X-mas . . .

So here is the intimate question for today: whose heart was filled with universal (or at least some extra) love because of X-mas? And do we really want that? Just one or two days of love? In other words,is there anybody out there who escaped, or better, who didn't care at all about business, consuming and family duties? Not that I am against being with family, as long as it is inspiring and - when you leave - you still have a smile on your face. (If you don't have anything else to smile about, try this)

Anyway, this is a quite time, they say, a time for revision, introspection and meditation. Alright then, let's get the spark back, be it through meditation or dancing or both! If X-mas can serve as a reminder of feeling this flame which is quiet inside and exiting in its lively manifestation: let's be guided by that and rock'n roll into the New Year with fullblown energy!

Happy X-mas and an exciting and wonderful New Year 2003 to everybody!

CU next year.


Wed, December 18th 2002 - Michael Moore

After reading Michael Moore's bestseller 'Stupid White Men' I really don't know how I feel about it: first, I AM WHITE(what can I do about it?), second, I AM A MAN (I probably could do something about it but I quite enjoy who and what I am),third , about my actual degree of stupidity I'd like others to talk, judge or mob about. Anyway, it's quite shocking what the man is writing, although it's also quite funny (which gives the book a very special flavour.)

If you want to know more about Moore (one of the hopefully not last heroes in these times),here is where you find all the info you need. Hopefully his documentary movie 'Bowling for Columbine' is shown in Europe soon. It's already heading for an Oscar nomination.

Well, there is hope! The dark side has to come to the surface to consciously be dismissed(And that will happen sooner or later to Bush Junior and his mates).

Enjoy your week and help to build up creative energy!


Wed, December 11th 2002 - Consciousness

If you look at today´s madness you might want to hide in the last ´undiscovered´ hole you find. Alas, there IS no undiscovered hole anymore. The pioneers of the tourist business found them all out. So what can we do?

It seems utterly antiquated to still believe in political parties , actually, it seems quite outdated to leave anything important to anybody else. Which in turn means: we have to do it ourself. What can we do? How about raising our consciousness (, free our creativity ( and practice ( If you need more inspiration, please look up the links section. What are we waiting for?



Wed, December 4th 2002 - Afterwards

What a hypothetical concept! After what? Afterwards is always late . .so let´s be a bit more conscious every day and actually enjoy it! If you want to have alternatives to the daily mainstream negativity and fucked up routine, read the positive news. There are inventions out there which could help to clean up the dirt on Galicia´s coast.

And here´s is the update of the ´Cultural Weekend´ we did here in Barcelona: it was great! New relations have been initiated, and we chose to have a more personal than ´businesslike´ appraoch. And obviously that was greatly appreciated.In the current projects page there will be some photos to look at soon, I promise.

If someone asks for the ´other´ Americans - not agreeing on ANY war, especially not the ´rich against poor´ war(in which anybody who doesn´t agree on the corporate identity of America is a potential terrorist and might betreated as such), check out

Have a nice week and enjoy the sun, the rain or snow or whatever you are offered to enjoy and I´ll see u back here next wednesday, won´t I?


Wed, December 4th 2002 - Give us your opinion

It seems that it finally works! I've been working on this for a long time, and now here you have it; you've probably already noted the links to the top-right of each news entry, but then what are you waiting for? Why don't you start using the new comments system by saying what do you think about it?

Mycle will also be happy with an improved system to update the webpage.

And before leaving: if you weren't at the Windsor Institute last weekend, then you missed a wonderful art event, including great artwork, ideas and people. Stay tuned for future projects!


Wed, November 27th 2002 - Short News

It might be that George W. will never find out who is ´Hu´(the new leader of chinese communist party ). It might be that Bush father -inspired by his special friend Reverend Moon - will be the founder of a new religious sect (or did he do it already?).Still people have to take out their dogs to shit, and they probably couldn´t care less what they Bush clan is planning.

We on the other hand here in Barcelona are planning to have some fun with our Cultural Weekend (see info:

And that´s also the reason why this week the news are short . . . there´s so much to do!

CU next week


Wed, November 20th 2002 - Boring Weekends?

Just in case anyone is planning to have a boring weekend at the 30.11/1.12, we support every attempt to avoid that. Get active, take yourself out for lunch or let the dog take you out to show you the lower end of trees, buy a ticket for something you never thought you would attend to, cook spagghetti for the whole house OR come to Barcelona! Because here we stage an Art Event with lots of interesting art, music, and performance.

Four international artists will contribute to the entertaining part of locals or anybody willing to come! See also the webflyer at

That´s it for today.Yes.



Thu, November 14th 2002 - Regular update

The news about the news section: there will be a regular update every week on wednesday. Whatever seems to be interesting enough to mention it in that particular moment might find it outlet here. Sometimes Gonzalo, the webmaster, will add some commentary on a more irregular basis.

There will also be a Web-Alert flyer in the Current Projects page for special annoncements. The first of those will be issued on Friday, 11/15.

Whoever is wondering about if there are still individuals or groups in the US to speak out about the ´war on terrorism´ or the attempt of the government to convert ´the land of the free´ into a company with its citizens having to adopt a ´corporate identity´(will say: consumer ´philosophy´), assuming that the world in general is a big supermarket, might want to check out: and

So we have the DDT changing DAILY, the NEWS changing weekly and special annoncement with the Web-Flyer!

See you next week



Mon, September 23th 2002 - Space'n'links

I'm back from my two week break in the country, and as soon as I arrive to Barcelona I get Mycle's call... 'Hurry up, there SO MUCH work to do!!'... ;) So here you are, the 'Space' and 'Links' sections are now open. Let's hope he writes a proper presentation for them soon...


Fri, September 6th 2002 - new news for a new day!

Thanx to the amazing programming abilities of Gonzalo(see below!) I am supposed to give U somegood news now and then, probably more now than then . . .so let´s start:

U don´t have to listen to the mainstream mutilation of the daily media propaganda! Here are some alternatives . . . . . . (check out their partner sites, for example

Besides that: there is nothing that could stop the love and compassion of people!

That´s it for today

CU later


Thu, September 5th 2002 - New home

Well, it seems that this page has just found its definitve place on the web:

I've been also working on a way to allow Mycle to write directly in this news section, without having to contact me. So if you don't see a lot of new stuff in here in the next few weeks, e-mail Mycle to remind him he has no excuse right now!


Fri, Aug 23th 2002 - Gonzalo

In case somebody was wondering - and who would not - who designed this website: Gonzalo is the man! Actually he is a man of many talents. Besides doing websites - since he recently won a webdesign-contest you may call him a 'wiseguy'( - he really loves programming. In creating this site we had some close connections maybe via some other of his talents: he loves being a musician and composer as much as he loves to investigate unanswered questions . . . not to mention his ping pong hand-and footwork. But besides all this he is foremost a wonderful human being and great to work with. I'm looking forward to more of his creative manifestations . . .


Tue, Jul 30th 2002 - Always moving .. .

A lot of changes this time! The most substantial one, 'Mycle Heupel homepage' has moved to The reasons for this change are mainly technical (ftp and php support). Both are definitely good news!

Much work has been done moving the web site to php, which will hopefully make it easier to update and maintain. In addition, more powerful (and interesing) features can be implemented. The first one: the DDT is now operative! Every day you'll be able to read a brand new DDT, you'd better not miss one!

The navigation is more consistent, since the sections and subsections are now properly distinguished and interconnected.[p] What else? Most of the 'consciousness' texts are ready. The 'current projects' and 'creativity' secctions are temporarily closed, but should be ready in a few days. So expect many new exciting content in the near future...


Sat, Jun 1st 2002 - Below the floor is more...

Welcome to Mycle Heuple's web space. This web is currently under developement, but you can already visit some of its sections (current projects and DDT). The rest of the site will be ready soon.


Wed, December 31st 1969 - New News!

After quite a stretch I decided to continue the News section and provide just updates of new projects or any progress in ongoing endeavours from time to time. While I was looking through some of the old news I realized that I had started kind of a blog before there were actually blogs!

So here is the real blog.

While you are at it you may also check out my new MySpace site which you find here.

Tell me what you think! Cheerio,


Mycle Heupel
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